Borrowed Time

From The Sonic Society and Electric Vicuna Productions, through
a special arrangement with Harvest Audio Productions , comes

 Borrowed Time
After an accident with a “time travelling” machine, Louis Blunt finds himself in more trouble than he could imagine in a thousand lifetimes! Starring Joe Stofko,John Bell, Lyn Cullen, and Colleen MacIssac.


Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar – The Valentine Matter

We’re back (finally!) with another OTR classic. It’s Bob Bailey in
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar – The Valentine Matter.
All five, 15-minute episodes are included in one file.
The Valentine Matter aired the week of October 31st thru
November 4th in 1955.

Halloween Treat – Burying Uncle Gustav

Happy Halloween !  Here’s a fun little ditty from Misfits Audio!  Written and produced by Mike Murphy, Burying Uncle Gustav features Scott Fortney, Terry Cooper and me, Joe Stofko. Thanks to the gang at Misfits and executive producer Captain John Tadrzak for allowing us to offer this gem..

Have Gun, Will Travel

From November 23, 1958… Here is the first radio episode of Have Gun, Will Travel. John Dehner starred as Paladin, and Ben Wright as Hey Boy. Some OTR fans may not know that the radio series actually sprang from the TV show!

John Dehner

Here then, is Strange Vendetta.
This program is presented as it originally aired on the CBS radio network, complete with commercials and promos.
Audio re-mastering by Harvest Audio Productions.

Wondrous Stories – The Double (re-visited)

From almost 2 years ago… Re-posting!  Pull up a chair and enjoy!

This is how it all began.  Without Wondrous Stories there probably wouldn’t be Harvest Audio. The Double was a short story I wrote almost 10 years ago. After getting involved with voice acting, I decided to adapt it as an audio drama. I was pretty happy with it… but, I felt it still needed something more. A vehicle to “drive it”. And that became the back room at McSweeny’s General Store, the setting for Wondrous Stories. So, it was now a piece I felt worthy of an audience. I shopped it around a bit. Thanks to Tansy Undercrypt at Precarious Audio for getting me to jump into the deep end of the pool… ‘though there are times when I think I didn’t jump as much as I was pushed! The end result is Harvest Audio Productions, and here isWondrous Stories-The Double. Wondrous Stories was produced at Harvest Audio and features actor Tim Cleary with music by Kevin MacLeod.The Double features the acting talents of H. Keith Lyons in the dual role of the father and his son. Post production and music is by Ron Bryzgel.
McSweeny's store room

Summer – Preview

It’s summer 2012 (winter in the Southern hemisphere!)… and here are some HOT items of interest:

Look for re-mixed episodes of This Thing Of Ours at Decorated Air Theatre.
Here at Harvest Audio, new episodes of Behind The Curtain are in the planning stages with production to start in the next few weeks. You’ll be hearing from guests Terry Cooper, MJ Cogburn and others !

Casting Call !!  Mike Murphy has written another provocative macabre tale that we’ll be producing here at Harvest. Watch for upcoming announcements.

The long-lost (er… forgotten!) Word Search by, none other than Mike Murphy, and produced by Harvest Audio with actors from The Clockwork Repertory Theatre is in the early stages of post production. This piece was recorded the very same day as The Dweets (Precarious Audio Theater). Time to blow the dust off and get busy!

And, here is a promo for Aural Stage and their upcoming anthology series, Dialed In.


News! Ed is a 2012 Parsec Awards nominee!!
Mike Murphy creates another imaginative tale. A romance blossoms on the far-away world of Trufgar…. a planet that features a season of swirling  sandstorms that seem to never end, while an unlikely ruler named Ed decides the fate of all who live there.

H Keith Lyons as Carpenter
Kim Gianopoulos as Triana
Joe Stofko as Ed
Computer      -      Amanda Fitzwater
Wilson           –      Jon Specht
Raldo             –      Scott Fortney
Man               –      Glenn Higbee
Another Man  -     Jordan Reynolds
Woman         –     Tanja Milojevic
Announcer     –     Fiona Thraille
Ed was written by Mike Murphy
Produced at Harvest Audio
Post Production, Special Effects and final cut by Scott Spaulding
Music by Kevin MacLeod – Incompetech
Additional  FX –, &
Special Thanks to Bill Hollweg



Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar – The Forbes Matter Episode 5

It’s Friday! We close out the week with Bob Bailey starring in the classic OTR series Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.
Here is part 5 of The Forbes Matter

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar – The Forbes Matter Episode 4

The 5-part story arc continues with Bob Bailey in part 4 of
The Forbes Matter

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar – The Forbes Matter Episode 3

Midway through the week and it’s Bob Bailey as Johnny Dollar in part three of
The Forbes Matter.